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Terms and Conditions

Terms &


Terms & Conditions

Account clients & some customers have VIP status with personal drivers. The drivers rotate & change up with each other to suit your needs. therefore you may experience shift changes by a group of team players you will be familiar with. Your Personal drivers will have software or downloadable apps, promotions, free rides, & delivery services to help you save and enjoy a worry free experience. (some rules & restrictions may apply) Please be aware upon registration, there may be some processing frees & adjustments to meet your Itinerary . These adjustments fees are required to meet  proper service placement, (but not always required, in most service request the customized schedule is minimal & accomplished in hours.) This allows the agency to properly setup passenger transport or service request with little or no downtime with a perfect  match with your team drivers. However it is possible that some orders cannot be-fore filled or satisfied. It is also possible for an incident accident or accidental death to occur without any one persons control through the use of this agency's contracted agent.  Therefore we must request a mutual understanding and agreement that both parties listed in the form below cannot prosecute or press any charges against The Little Fairy's agency or  in any way give bad reviews and wave the right to disrupt or lodge complaints against the agency, the founders or CEO Operations, on negligence, disagreements, mishaps, incidents, accidents, or accidental or natural deaths that may occur. Please inform your team drivers or coordinator about any changes on your initial service request. New or altered tasks must be made known and explained to your assigned driver for recorded documentation. When new work or added detailed instructions are presented to your drivers, The Little Fairy's Agency must be aware of all changes first then your team drivers. It is our policy to alternate work schedules and keeps records on the slightest change(s) on customers & client accounts. with our Rules & waivers This will help the agency to avoid incident between parties. This method has proven to be most effective in running a company that holds the most satisfied clients ever in the field of providing unique service for families and business alike. 

Privacy Policy Provided:

Although The Little Fairy's Agency has gone through extensive research and background checks to bring unique care to your lifestyle, workplace or (other), We request that you help us maintain your security and Privacy. by following the rules & policy of this website & agency.  Many experts and professionals such as square pay, Google, service merchants and secured websites are required  by law to maintain security for our customers and Clients. We respect & are committed to protecting your privacy.  We will not sell or pass along your personal information to affiliates, lead companies, or anyone other outsource your  Name, address and other identifying information.

Security Policy:

Your payment and personal information is highly confidential to us. Our Secured website & mobile app is fortified with Sockets Layer (SSL) software it is the latest corporate standard security, and among the best software available for securing commercial transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address so that it cannot be read over the internet mobile phones or otherwise.

Refund policy

Payments are refunded back to you through the method in which it was received. By the Department of Security. via SQUARE PAY, VMS Clover & our merchant processing system this method can take up to 72 hours, allow this time for due process. Pro-rated refunds are made to customers on a case-by-case basis when changes in  circumstance render the payment of a fee to be unreasonable or no longer applicable.  Refunds are accomplished by the Department of Security through electronic crediting of the individual's credit way of square pay through normal Business Office hours.   

Customer(s) & Contractors Service Relationship

It is prohibited and unauthorized for you to hire any of our contractors, or delivery courier service help or pet specialist. Direct used for personal or private use of any sort, even if working hours and scheduled shift have been completed. It is unauthorized and without consent for any designated driver or courier service help to engage with labor services from A to Z with any customer or client or potential customer or client. It is prohibited for the contractors, specialist, service help and other________ to join you (the client(s) or customer(s) in home or other places for social drinks, Soft drinks, or alcohol, this is not allowed. Do not join contractors or service help in breakfast, lunch, or dinner. As stated after work hours as well. in home or other places, please, no food breaks or visiting moments of any sort while your provider(s) couriers and contracted drivers are on duty. If you wish to designate a lounge area for your service help & or drivers the agency must be notified of such places. This will help us with labor quality control  and any unnecessary incidents; all other such interactions are prohibited. This may sound harsh but maintaining the professional status between the help and client is imperative. This agency dictates a clean, unbreakable line drawn between our clients, contractors, service agents, and specialist. Therefore it is necessary for the operation of our services rendered to perform at a high level of skilled performance. It is imperative that your cooperation in this matter agrees with our work ethics to maintain a professional code of conduct that we have set forth upon the behavior of all working class Contractors choosing the finest of their experience. Remember your special treatment and needs are above average hire, therefore we expect a high performance of expertise from all of our trainees and seasoned contractors.  

Terms & Conditions with Being in Direct Violation of This Agency: 

If it is not possible to resolve disputes or confrontations between client and agency do to A No Contract Policy, an investigation will be necessary as a result of a direct violation in this policy Amicably, It will be apparent that a civil court action may be necessary; The Agency will write in compliance with the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. The defendant has a right to discover information and evidence under the rules of violating the agency’s procedures and policy. Discovery of information allows the defendant to obtain from the state information regarding names and addresses of the witnesses against the defendant, and reports, such as police reports, names of expert witnesses and examination of any exhibits the state will use at trial. A preliminary hearing allows the defendant to obtain more information. This in any case, may be present in police reports and other fact based material.